Santosha Class Pricing

Single Class

$ 25 Per Class

10 Classes

$ 140 Per Pack


$ 140 Per Month

Start Moving in Bethany Village With Santosha

Start Moving in Bethany Village With Santosha

Rates & Things To Know

Live Stream Class Rate

Students who have unlimited monthly subscriptions to Santosha Yoga have unlimited access to our class live stream. 

If you’ve purchased a package of classes at Santosha Yoga, you are able to use one of your package sessions to utilize our live stream.

The drop-in rate for live streamed classes is $15 per class.

Drop-In Class Rate

You can join one of our yoga classes at any time for $25 per class. Students with Unlimited passes or packages receive priority pick of classes and remaining space is open to drop-in students. 

If you are new to yoga, please take one of our beginner level courses. You can read more about our types of classes here.

Things To Know

-Pre-registering for class is strongly recommended.

-Please show up 10-15 minutes early to ensure class starts on time.

-Please silence all cellphones before entering the studio.

-Please plan to stay the duration of the class.

-Please try to arrive at the studio no later than 5 minutes prior to class start time. If you are running a couple of minutes late, please call and let us know.

-Always check in at the desk immediately upon arrival! It is important that your attendance has been confirmed so that your spot is not given up to someone on the waitlist.