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Welcome To
Santosha Yoga

Located centrally in Bethany Village, Santosha is a yoga and massage studio that serves as a retreat from daily life. Our types of yoga are accessible to all levels, so that everyone may experience the true essence of yoga. We offer both private yoga sessions and group yoga classes in a supportive, diverse community guided by our highly trained yoga teachers.

Massage Therapy

Here at Santosha Yoga in Bethany Village we offer 5 types of massage therapy to those seeking physical and mental relief.

Group Yoga

At Santosha Yoga, you'll find group yoga classes that cater to your pace in a diverse and supportive community. Explore all the yoga classes we offer.

Private Yoga

Here at Santosha Yoga we offer private yoga sessions with individual instructors. Learn more about private yoga classes and which instructors are available.

Yoga Events

Santosha Yoga has events suitable for all levels, whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi. Explore the exciting range of yoga events we offer!

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