Immunity Support and Cold/Flu Prevention

Learn time tested techniques from the yogic healing and cleansing traditions to boost the immune response during the cold and flu season. We will try the lesser known practices to clear mucus, address various types of cough, and stimulate thymus gland for upper respiratory tract immunity. Targeted movement, breath exercises, acupressure, herbal and food medicine, homeopathic remedies, bioidentical supplements will be also covered during this workshop.

All techniques and remedies are safe for the general public including pregnant women, young children, and the elderly.


2:00PM – 3:30PM

$40 per person

Immunity Support and Cold/Flu Prevention FAQs

During its long history, yoga was practiced for health benefits as much as for the training of the mind. Some cleansing techniques like Neti-pot rinses are already widely known, while other like clearing of the lungs during cough or acupressure for congested sinuses  are still unfamiliar. 

Along the contemporary discoveries about the crucial role of the thymus gland in upper respiratory tract immunity and production of antibodies, yoga has target movements and protocols to stimulate that organ directly.

In many situations yoga and Ayurveda, an ancient food therapy, are inseparable, and we will touch on the Ayurvedic principles of taking care of the body both to prevent colds and go through them much easier and faster.

During the workshop we will try various intense breathing exercises to have in your toolkit for the next time you feel under the weather. Certain backbends and chest movements will expand your repertoire of things you can do to shorten that cough or stuffiness.

We will also address general health practices that support overall immunity, emphasizing the role of healthy sleep, nutrition, and lifestyle during winter months. Homeopathic remedies, herbs, supplements and targeted organ support will be also covered in the workshop.

This educational workshop is perfectly suitable for beginners and people with various health conditions, as well as for pregnant women or the elders.

You will leave with a handout of techniques and natural remedies discussed during the workshop.

You don’t need to bring anything with you to learn how to go through the cold months with less colds and increased vitality to do the things that you love.

Photo of Anna Fastenko in the snow wearing a winter jacket and hat

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