Yoga for Neck and Shoulders with Nuvana Zarthoshtimanesh

Yoga for Neck and Shoulders at Santosha Yoga in Portland Oregon
Do you feel tight or feel pain in your neck and shoulders? Do you get headaches because of your posture?

We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Many times without even realizing we hold our shoulders up tight, causing issues in our neck and sometimes causing headaches as well as tingling down the arms.

Come join Nuvana for a yoga therapy session where we will traction the neck and shoulders, which will help relax them and reduce pressure. We will also learn some poses and stretches which will help improve our posture and reduce pain in the neck and shoulders.

Having experienced the benefits of yoga herself, she teaches with deep understanding. Her teaching style is clear, youthful, direct and compassionate. She is passionate about yoga and helps each student connect to their body, observe and understand the benefits of each asana and their movement. Her workshops are educational, challenging and fun. She believes that yoga is a way of life, it’s not just what you do on your mat. 

July 13th, 2024
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Registration Cost – $40

Yoga for Neck & Shoulders FAQs

Pain is a way our body communicates with us. when we have bad posture, we push our body out of alignment and cause undue stress to different muscles and joints. Yoga helps realign our body. In this workshop we will also learn traction and how to release the neck and shoulders by targeting the muscles around the upper back, neck and shoulders.

Absolutely! Yoga helps create awareness in your mind and body and if you are aware of your self, you will maintain a good posture.

You mess up your body on a daily basis, so ideally you should take a little time to realign your body daily.

Yes, this workshop is appropriate for individuals of all skill levels.

Bring an open mind to learn. We will have appropriate props in class for this workshop. You can always bring your own mat.

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