The Chakras with Jessica Parlanti

Chakras Workshop Flyer at Santosha Yoga in Portland Oregon

Join Jessica for this 90-minute workshop all about the chakras.

Have you ever been curious about learning more about the chakras? Come explore each chakra and understand the connection to the physical, emotional, and mental parts of our bodies, and even to our surrounding external worlds.

During this workshop, students will also learn yoga poses that balance and activate each chakra discussed.

June 8th, 2024
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Registration Cost – $40

Chakras FAQs

The chakras are energy centers in our body that align with certain organs and nerve bundles. They run from the base of the spine all the way to the top of the head. These centers are also connected to emotions and even circumstances in our lives and can be used to improve or enhance these emotions or circumstances in a positive way by working with them through poses, specific
chants, and even color therapy. On the contrary certain physical, mental, or emotional symptoms can be related to blocked chakras.

Chakra may seem like a “New Age” term, but the concept comes from ancient India, described in the sacred knowledge texts called the Vedas between 1500 to 3000 BC where yoga also comes from. In Sanskrit chakra means wheel.

There are 7 major chakras aligned with our physical body, but up to 114 smaller ones that are like cross sections called nadis that are connected to organs, glands, hormones, brain areas, and neurons. Nadis means channel in Sanskrit.

There are many ways to activate and unblock the chakras.

One way is just by sitting and visualizing the color for each chakra by the area in the body as a light or wheel and visualizing it moving in a clockwise direction.

You can also place your left hand over that area and use your right hand to move in a circular clockwise motion.

You can even speak out loud that you unblock or harmonize each chakra as you do the visualization or the physical motion.

Specific yoga poses and pranayamas, or breathing exercises, also help unblock the chakras. If the blockages are chronic or recurring the more consistency and work with the chakra the better.

Jessica believes chakras are very real. Just as we have electromagnetic energy fields around us that are invisible to the human eye but physically present, we have areas in our body with specific organs, functions, and activities that are distinct and align with the concept of chakras. The idea of chakras is the way the ancient Indian rishis, or wise ones, who created the Vedic texts view – the functioning of the body systems. Some of these ideas are very similar to Western medicine, others different. In some cases, it is just a different perspective.

According to yoga philosophy the chakras are the energetic centers that prana, or life force energy, runs through.

Yes, anyone can learn about chakras. Sign up today!

Students should bring their yoga mat if they have one (we have yoga mats in the studio if needed), and a notebook if they want to take notes. There is no preparation needed for this workshop. Jessica invites everyone to come with an open mind to learn about something very useful, and interesting, and to have fun!

Jessica Parlanti of Santosha Yoga in Portland Oregon

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