Events & Workshops at Santosha Yoga

Discover all of our yoga events and workshops held throughout the year here at Santosha Yoga by Bethany Athletic Club. Can’t wait until our next workshop to get in on the yoga fun? Check out our class schedule to find a yoga class that fits your schedule.

Second Saturday Events at Santosha Yoga

Join us here at Santosha Yoga in Bethany Village every second Saturday of each month for a special class. Each class will be taught by a different yoga instructor here at the studio and will have a unique theme such as face yoga, chakras, breathwork, mental health, and much more!

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Upcoming Yoga Workshop

Do you feel tight or feel pain in your neck and shoulders? Do you get headaches because of your posture?

We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Many times without even realizing we hold our shoulders up tight, causing issues in our neck and sometimes causing headaches as well as tingling down the arms.

Come join Nuvana for a yoga therapy session where we will traction the neck and shoulders, which will help relax them and reduce pressure. We will also learn some poses and stretches which will help improve our posture and reduce pain in the neck and shoulders.

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