Ayurveda with Jessica Parlanti

Ayurveda workshop at Santosha Yoga in Portland Oregon

Come learn about about Ayurveda with Jessica. Ayurveda is an ancient healing system from India that comes from the same scriptures as yoga. We will learn about the different “doshas”, or body/personality types in Ayurveda and the yoga poses for balancing each dosha. We will also learn a little information about the nutrition for each dosha when one is out of balance. This workshop will include some explanation and many yoga poses. Bring a notebook if you want to take notes! 

March 10th, 2024
2:00 – 3:30PM (90 minutes)
$40 per person

Ayurveda FAQs

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system from India that promotes a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating. Much of it is rooted in the idea that food is medicine, but there are also many supportive practices that accompany it such as yoga, meditation, and living harmoniously with nature’s rhythms.

The doshas are our natural body constitutions. There are three doshas: vata, pita, and kapha. Each dosha also includes a personality tendency. All of us have each dosha present in our bodies, but we are usually born with one or two predominant ones. Often our predominant dosha is the first to go off balance. When the doshas are working harmoniously, your overall wellness is positive in terms of digestion, circulation, clear senses, proper elimination of waste, and happiness. ( satisfaction and fulfillment). Each dosha has two elements that accompany it.

To find your predominant dosha or doshas you could take a short dosha quiz online or look up the characteristics of each to see which one you strongly identify with. 

The doshas can go off balance when there is too much or too little of the elements. When there is an imbalance we introduce the opposite of that characteristic.

Different yoga poses can help balance each dosha. A well-rounded practice keeps all of the doshas in alignment.

In Ayurveda food is one of the most important components. There are foods that balance all doshas and then there are specific foods recommended for each dosha. Ayurveda recommends that we eat what is in season locally as it is aligned with the nature around us and therefore the elements that we most need in our body during the time period.

Yes, this workshop is suitable for beginners. It is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Ayurveda or how Ayurveda can be a tool to promote greater wellness and balance in one’s life.

Students do not need to prepare for the class. They can read up on Ayurveda if they are curious, but this class will offer a solid foundation of basic information.

If students want to, they may bring water, their yoga mat if they have one, a notebook and a pen to the class.

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